History of the Church
It was in the year 1845 and a parcel comprising two lots, part of 20 acres of
a coffee plantation near Port of Spain owned by Dominique Dert, was sold
to the Anglican Church.  The year before, the Governor has sent to the
Colonial Office a draft for the introduction of English Criminal Laws and
Trial by Jury and the Ecclesiastical Ordinance was passed in the
Nominated Legislature Council, so establishing the Church of England in
Trinidad and so threatening secular rivalry. Spanish law in Trinidad, except
for some procedural matters settled later in 1848, had been displaced
effectively by the Ordinance which took effect on 10th October 1844.

Ground was broken and the Foundation stone laid for All Saints Chapel of
Ease, in deference to the Cathedral Church in downtown, consecrated as a
Cathedral after the reconstruction of the Anglican Church in 1818.

The location of the Chapel adjoining the Tranquillity Sugar Estate, then
virtually  abandoned because of the uncertain outcome of representations
by local planters to the British Parliament for continuation of their monopoly
of the home market, and because of the residual effects of the abolition of
slavery by the British Parliament twelve years before, on the instigation of
the Emancipation Movement.

West Port of Spain was part of a new development of the Town and
in this westward expansion, supported by the Board of the Town Council.  
The population of Trinidad, from a census conducted the previous year was
59,815 souls.

1846 came and ALL SAINTS CHAPEL of EASE was dedicated.  A Church
sited on the verge of the old Paradise Estate ‘Savannah’, renamed ‘Queen’
s Park’ on the suggestion of the incumbent Governor – 250 acres of
grassland, a bequest since its acquisition by the Governor, from the
Illustrious Cabildeo in 1825 ‘for the pasturage of cows and for the
recreation of the townsfolk’.
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