The Chapel of Ease

1. Memories of Dudley Smith and his family

Before the Chapel of Ease was established, many of the Anglicans living in Maraval
found it very difficult to get to All Saints’ Church. Mr Dudley Smith recalls making
several journeys to transport people, but the Anglican population grew and the
situation became ever more difficult.

The Linton’s of Riverview Road offered to assist, and both Canon (then Fr) Howe
and his Curate, Fr Lyons, conducted services at their home for several years.  The
community outgrew this accommodation and moved to the home of the Smiths, on
Morne Coco Road, where one room, with a raised area for the altar, formed the
‘Church’ and another, the Sunday School for well-attended services.  Families
worshipping there included the Carmichaels, Knights, Marshalls,  Melvilles,
Nicholas, Samuels, Solomons, Swans, Sylvesters and Yearwoods.

The Sunday School was vibrant and, led by Fr Little, a later Curate, many outings
took place. There were sufficient children for Bishop Hughes to confirm at Maraval.
So, rather than transporting parishioners to All Saints, ‘Smithy’ was now called upon
to transport the clergy to Maraval!

Early in the 1970s, the Church bought 35 acres of land from the Scott family for
about $66,000.  It was formerly an orchard, with a tendency to flooding; there were
watercress beds and several springs which formed natural pools where children
used to swim.  On this property was a building, now known as Mary’s House, where
services took place until the Church was built.  In the 1980s, the land was
mortgaged to pay for the Couva Complex; that mortgage ahs now been released. A
portion of the land was sold to Mr Pillai for some $25,000.   
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