Prayer Basket

You can place your prayer needs in the Prayer Basket before the presentation of the
Offertory. The basket is located near the east door of the Church.
The Prayer Group will
pray for God’s guidance for you in these matters.  Persons are kindly asked to include a
(first) name and the nature of the request, e.g. thanksgiving, healing, finance, etc.

For counselling, you can contact the
Church Office to make an appointment to see
Canon Berkley.
Altar Dedications

Dedications can be booked at the church for thanksgiving, birthday greetings,
celebrations, wedding anniversaries, remembrance of death, blessings, etc.

Flower dedications cannot be booked in Lent from the 1st - 4th Sunday in March and the
2nd - 3rd Sunday in April, or on the 1st - 4th Sundays in December during Advent.

Dedications can be given with:

  • Flowers - $300
  • Elements - $200
  • Candles - $50

Cash accepted or make cheques payable to All Saints' Church.

Your dedication will be published in the weekly church Bulletin on the particular Sunday
you request.  Please make bookings as early as possible.

For more information, you can contact the  
All Saints' Church Office.
The Parish of All Saints
The Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago
Prayer Request
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